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PED PowerDocs is a state-of-the art turnover tool with the features and flexibility you need to get your project started quickly and successfully.

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PowerDocs was created in response to a growing need within the energy and industrial sectors for a more advanced turnover document management solution.

Our electronic ‘smart forms’ are cloud-based so they are more secure, always available and sharable between your admin personnel.

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Why PowerDocs?

Today’s complex energy, industrial and manufacturing projects have tight schedules and high expectations. PowerDocs is a modern full-featured solution that is intuitively designed and easy to learn, so you can get up to speed fast. It is also flexible and can be customized to meet the specific needs and parameters of your project including system list, scoped drawings and engineering documents.

Why Now?

The right software can improve your time-to-handover and the integrity of your punch list. PowerDocs helps your team convert hundreds of manual processes (pairing checklists to tags, etc.) to a streamlined, time-saving system, so the right teams can contribute and monitor progress, and in the end — publish turnover books with full, accurate and up-to-date information.

Real Advantages

PowerDocs is a full-featured solution and has real advantages over the conventional turnover process. Our system maintains a comprehensive set of detailed data — digitized information of the equipment and systems throughout your facility. This could shave months off the manual data entry process. This electronic data can be easily accessed any time from any location to confirm operability and address other issues.

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Power & Flexibility

A streamlined and highly accurate system to optimize turnovers

Cloud server application, based on Apple software

Designed for Windows and Mac, with add on for iOS devices

Hosted by Amazon Web Services for maximum security and reliability

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