Features & Benefits

Equipment Test Info Screen - PowerDocs

Intuitive Interface

PowerDocs has a logical, easy to learn interface so you can get up to speed fast, as well as smooth out any admin changes.

Smarter Forms

PowerDocs electronic 'smart' forms are data-based linked, so all of your admins can contribute, share and update equipment info. Enhanced reporting let's you quickly know punchlist status and more.

On-Demand Data

Because it's cloud-based, all of your PowerDocs equipment data is available within seconds. Any time or place. PowerDocs is hosted by Amazon Web Services, the leader in security and reliability.

Turnover Packages

Our System Turnover Packages are color printed and thermo-bound so your books stay intact. They are logically organized and contain complete and up-to-date equipment info.

A Better Turnover Solution

  • Electronic ‘smart’ forms are database-linked and contain the most up-to-date info
  • Scan the QR codes on your equipment tags and quickly view active punch list items
  • All project admins can contribute, share and update equipment info
  • Quickly add and remove devices, and move between turnover packages
  • Easy user interface, logical flow through the program
  • Clean and concise books, that are consistently complete and up-to-date
  • Free customization to match your existing documents, for a consistent look and feel
  • PowerDocs turnover books are color-printed and thermo bound with secure pages
  • Cloud server based with auto backups, so you don’t have to worry about losing your data
  • Owners can review their books electronically with read-only login
  • Enhanced reporting options, 3rd party reports are linked to actual test form for easy review
  • Test equipment calibration data is entered into database with scanned certificate, and quickly linked to each test form
  • Drawings available 24/7 and in the field on tablet
  • Fast import of equipment data from PowerDocs to CMMS
  • Request for info is integrated into the database
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An Intuitive, Powerful and Flexible Interface

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