PowerDocs vs The Old Way

Today’s complex projects and tight schedules demand a modern and intuitive solution that can be customized to for your project. Compare ▼

The PowerDocs Way

  • Electronic ‘smart’ forms are database-linked, sharable between admins.
  • Easily add/remove devices, move between turnover pkgs
  • Easy user interface, logical flow through the program
  • Clean, concise books are computer filled from database; color printed and thermo bound with secure pages
  • All project data and documents stored with Amazon Web Services for ultimate security and rapid access
  • Owner can review books electronically with read-only login
  • Scan the QR codes on equipment tags and quickly view active punch list items
  • 3rd party reports linked to actual test form for easy review
  • Test equip. calibration data entered into database with scanned certificate, easily assigned to each test form
  • Your equipment data is available 24/7 and in the field on tablet
  • Fast import of equipment data from PowerDocs to CMMS
  • Request for info integrated into the database
  • Books are consistently complete and up-to-date

The Old Way

  • Excel-based forms are handwritten by admins.
  • Difficult to add, delete devices or change turnover pkgs
  • System is not intuitive, high learning curve for access
  • Turnover books contain handwritten data, often incomplete, pages not secure
  • Electronic copy held locally or on thumb drive
  • Owners can only review books via hard copy
  • Search punchlist via hard copy, without the ability to filter and sort
  • Difficult access to 3rd party vendor reports
  • Test equip. calibration data held in 3-ring binder or folder
  • Need to carry hard copies of drawings in the field
  • Months-long manual entry of equipment data into your CMMS
  • Request for info on hard copy or limited electronic
  • Project admin. changes result in incomplete or out-to-date books